If you have ever spilled the wax from a candle accidentally, you probably know that it is a pain to clean from the carpet, floor, counter, or any other surface. Candle jars also become sooty and look ugly after the flame has left black marks on the edges. Soy candles are completely biodegradable and easy to clean, which makes them a preferred type of candle for many people.

So why soy candles? They are an environmentally friendly candle that is gaining immense popularity. In fact, conventional candle sales are going down while soy candle sales are going up. More people want to avoid the risks of paraffin or beeswax candles by using a natural biodegradable variety that is safer for your home and those living in it.

Better yet, soy candles actually last LONGER than conventionally made candles and can be cheaper than using beeswax. However, they are not cheaper than the lowest quality wax known as paraffin wax. It is easy to see why so many households are preferring soy candles to other varieties. They look better, smell stronger, and last considerably longer than other candle types. Not to mention they are a completely environmentally friendly candle!

Eco-conscious people know that soy is a renewable resource, and very versatile. Since it is made from plant matter it is also biodegradable and doesn’t harm the environment when burned or thrown away. In the event that you spill your soy candle, you simply use warm water and soap to scrub up the excess wax. Even if it hardens you can still remove the wax easily – without any unsightly pieces left behind.

In the event that your candle does spill on any other surface besides a hard counter or floor, just use soap. There is no need for heavy duty cleaners or scraping wax away for hours at a time. Soap and water will remove soy wax from carpets, countertops, linoleum, clothing, skin, and fabrics. While paraffin wax leaves behind a stain or residue, soy candle wax does not do so once it is cleaned up! It is an easy process that just takes a few minutes at most. When the wax is removed it will be completely dissolved and no one would ever notice you spilled the wax.

Soy candles are easy to clean and an excellent alternative to other candle types. Use these with confidence and you will be converted for life!

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