Aromatherapy candles are often sold at a higher price to consumers, in an attempt to get them to purchase something that will “boost their ability to sleep” or “create a romantic atmosphere.” While some scents can really improve your mood, there is no real difference between aromatherapy candles and conventionally fragranced candles.

In fact, the worst part about most aromatherapy candle companies is that they are made with an inferior wax known as “paraffin.” Most people think it is just a type of wax, no big deal. But paraffin has been shown to cause allergies, health problems, and to emit toxic fumes into your home. Even though you cannot see or smell these fumes, they build up in the air and can cause problems. Pets, children, and elderly are also prone to problems caused by paraffin.

When purchasing “aromatherapy” candles, consider a higher quality candle. The fragrance will likely be stronger and more potent for your mood. Soy based candles are an excellent way to enjoy classic aromatherapy scents such as lavender, rose, amber, and others. Soy based candles also burn clean without toxic chemicals being released into the air.

While there is no true “aromatherapy” candle, you can still enjoy similar benefits by keeping candles in your home and using them. Be sure they are a healthy candle first and foremost, and then you can begin lighting them daily. Let yourself inhale the gentle fragrance and relax while the scent surrounds you. Chocolate can boost your sensual mood, while fruity fragrances may make you feel more energized. Citrus is shown to reduce cravings as well, so indulge in all scents of candles – not just the plain “aromatherapy” labeled types.

Lighting up candles regularly, of any soy based fragrance, can improve your mood and make your home smell delicious. They can provide a romantic atmosphere or a sensual one if you want to aim for that. Better yet, candles are practical and can be used for decoration. Very few home accessories can go from being a mantle design to helping you see in the event of a fire. Plus, when you use a soy candle you don’t risk getting cancer or serious allergies.

While there are no significant differences between aromatherapy candles and conventional candles, its still fun to use candles for aromatherapy purposes. They smell great, boost your mood, and look nice. What more could you ask for?

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