candles cause cancer

Candles are a beloved part of any home. They provide a relaxing atmosphere, and when the electricity goes out you have a back up light source. Candles can also create a sensual environment for romantic massages or candlelit dinners. But research is proving again and again that paraffin wax may be causing cancer.

Essentially, paraffin wax is extremely cheap.  Candle makers know that it is cheap, which is why it is frequently used in dollar store votives, cheaply made candles, and drugstore brand candles. They smell great in the jar, but when they burn these candles usually leave behind an unpleasant or bland scent. While they come in enticing scents such as vanilla butter-cream and candy apple, the potential risks are substantial.

When used in closed rooms frequently, the candles begin to emit a toxic fume. The hardest part is that it isn’t exactly possible to ventilate a room with a candle lit. It would most likely blow out. That black soot you often see isn’t just something innocent, it contains poisonous ingredients that can cause allergy problems, asthma, and more serious problems down the road. Young babies and the elderly may be more prone to these problems as well.

It isn’t likely that occasionally lighting a paraffin based candle will hurt you, but who uses candles “occasionally”? Most people light a candle daily, and many others enjoy candlelit baths. This build up can begin to take its toll in the sneakiest of ways.

Other chemicals, fragrances, and additives used in candles may also contribute to the risk factor of using a paraffin based candle.  In the past candles were reserved for emergencies, but now they are practically a commodity and essential “decoration” for many homes.

If you still want to enjoy candles, then soy based candles are an excellent eco-friendly alternative. The wax is made from the soy plant which doesn’t pose any serious risks for your health. Soy based candles do not leave behind the unsightly black soot either, which is an aesthetic and health bonus! In addition, soy candles are equally as affordable as top of the line paraffin or beeswax candle varieties. They come in numerous scents, and actually smell more powerful than other types. When using a soy candle you won’t put yourself at risk for cancer, and romantic baths and dinners are still fair game.

Source: The Telegraph

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  1. Susan
    12:32 pm on April 7th, 2010

    Wow, I had no idea. I’ve been burning paraffin wax candles for years. I just recently switched to soy candles because they last so much longer, but this is reason enough to switch!

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