If you enjoy candles as much as I do then you probably light them every time that you get a chance. I light them in the morning when I wake up to perk up my senses and will light them when bed time is nearing because they relax me. Pretty much when I am at my home my candles are lit and keeping me company. I always get a bit excited when I am about to light them because I sometimes depend on them to put me in a better mood. They help me to unwind when I am stressed out and will often keep my spirits up when I am feeling down. There is just something about the candle and the scent of them that makes me so happy. Although I try to have my candles lit as much as possible I make sure to be careful with them because they can have the potential to be dangerous if you are not paying attention to them.

I was over at a friend’s house last week and we were drinking tea and chatting. She had some soy candles lit in her living room and I had noticed that they were basically stumps. I commented on them and said that she should probably replace them and she replied that she just lets them burn out until they are finished. She won’t replace the candles until the wick has burned down to the end of the wick and actually extinguishes itself.

I had to let her know that this is a bad idea. I mean sure she wants to get the most out of her candles but letting the flame burn down until the end of the wick could be very dangerous. And it could start a fire. The wick should only be lit when there is wax to surround it. Having a flame without wax surrounding it could start a fire.

Always be sure to inspect your candles when they are burning down. Be sure to check and see if there is enough wax so that you can burn your candles safely. If there isn’t much wax left then it is always best to dispose of a candle. Having a flame with no wax could be very dangerous. If you are too cheap to throw out a candle that is burned down then just think of the consequences.

Candles can be so enjoyable but when you have a flame inside your house or anywhere else where fire could have potential then you need to be extra careful. Candles are fun but they are not a toy so you should always practice candle safety and pass it on to everyone else in the house. It only takes one candle to start a fire and by then it could have caused a lot of damage. Always inspect your candles to make sure that there is enough wax to safely use them. It is better to be safe than to be cheap.

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