Candles are a way of life for many Americans as well as people across the world. Until the mid-1800s, candles provided the only reliable light after the sun went down each evening. Candles were an essential part of life.
Candles continue to be an important part of life for their esthetic qualities. However, candle safety remains as important today as it was in ancient times. Candles require an open flame that must be treated with respect. Follow these ten candle safety rules to ensure that your candle experience is always a positive one.
1. Always keep candles within sight.
2. Keep candles away from anything combustible such as curtains and
hanging plants. Take care to place candles where open flames will not be able to touch anything. Plants, wall hangings and window curtains can catch fire.
3. Keep candles away from drafts, fans or heating vents. Drafts can blow flames and sparks or might blow a curtain into the path of the candle. Use care to make sure candles are placed away from drafts.
4. Make sure candles are kept away from children and pets. Children and pets share an innocent curiosity about all things. Good candle safety is very important in regard to children and pets. Open flames can be very attractive to both until they are burned. Hot wax can burn as well, so be sure that candles are placed away from children and pets.
5. Never leave candles unattended. When leaving the house or going to another room, be sure to extinguish candles. Candles are safe when used properly, but should not be left unattended when burning
6. Never use a candle as a nightlight. Good candle safety requires you always extinguish candles when sleeping.
7. Keep candle wicks trimmed to one-quarter inch. Wicks longer than one-quarter inch create taller flames and emit more soot. Check wicks each time the candle is lit.
8. Stop using any jar candles when less than a half inch of wax left in the jar.
9. Always use a candleholder designed for the candle being burned. Make sure the candleholder used is stable and designed for the type of candle being burned.
10. Always follow manufacturer directions for burning candles. Read the candle safety instructions that come with candles.
Candles remain very popular and enhance your home, especially during the holidays. Keep candle safety in mind at all times and you can safely enjoy having candles in your home.

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  1. Natural Candles
    2:12 pm on December 19th, 2009

    I’ve heard that there is a spay gel that is supposed to help with the wax burning too fast from a Woodwick candle, Is this something i need?

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